Safe Folder Vault App Lock- Hide Photos,Videos,Contacts,Applock

Safe Folder Vault App lock

A New Best Photo Vault/Video Locker (Gallery Vault). Hide Private Photos,videos, AppLock, Secure browser, File transfer and more

Choose Safe Folder Vault App lock because:

- You can protect your privacy very securely with lots of features!
- Girlfriend/boyfriend is trying to go through all your private stuff, when you’re away from your phone.
- Children are not able to change the setting of your phone and mess up your data.
- You don't need to worry about your friends borrow your phone to play games.
- Never worry about your private data may be read by some other apps.​

Safe Folder Vault App Lock is a all in one app.In app you get all feature which we need for keep a secret of our privet data.

Safe Folder Vault applock allows you to protect your data with password, pattern and fingerprint lock. It not only helps you protect your apps but you can also use this app to protect hide photos,videos ,Audio, documents, your contacts, your privet List with a AppLoc…